The TARDIS Night light is available today with more kits are being planned.  These include a much larger (850mm tall) TARDIS Cat box and Wifi connected Chinese lanterns.   Feel free to contact us and ask.



TARDIS Night light

This TARDIS kit is a programmable, internet connected night light, speaking alarm clock and sound effects time machine.  As a day/night light see the colours change with the sunrise and sunset, or just have it automatically turn on at dusk.  Maybe have a Dalek speak the time to you, drift off the sleep with the background hum of the TARDIS, or hear your favorite Dr Who effect on selected hours.  Even have the your house invaded as an alarm clock, and yes, the TARDIS will dematerialise for you! 


Add you own sound effects for your personalised Gallifrey experience.  All components included, and comes with pre-programmed microcontroller, circuit board and detailed instructions.



·      Programmable controls

·      3 Modes of day/night light operation

·      LED colours change with sunrise and sunset for your (earth) location.

·      Internet connected for time accuracy (within 1s)

·      Hourly chime specified hours with different sound effects

·      Watch the TARDIS dematerialise at the top of the hour

·      Alarm clock with selectable sound effects

·      Dalek speaking clock

·      Dr Who sound effects (including 1.5hrs of TARDIS hum to help you sleep), and add your own!

·      Touch sensor


Outside dimensions (approx):  270mm (H) x 140mm (W)  x 140mm (D)

Inside dimensions: Unknown


Looking for an electronics and maker kit for the whovian in you, or that sci-fi nerd in your family this kit it for you.  Designed and made in NZ.


Basic operation (short introduction)


Sunset introduction (sped up 10x)



Daytime, Sunset, Nighttime pictures






Cat box TARDIS coming soon….